Pastor Richard C. Maron, formerly of Auburn Hills, MI is a man with great passion and love for the work of God.  His life is a testimony of the saving grace of our Lord.  Pastor Maron and his wife Michelle were on the verge of divorce, partied hard with a military crowd, and were both alcoholics...BEFORE CHRIST!!! 

Jesus changed their lives, healed them of their addictions, saved their marriage, gave them two wonderful children, and eventually called them into the ministry!  We are blessed to have them as our Pastor and wife, and are thankful God lead them to us!

Prior to pastoring, Pastor was involved extensively in jail ministry in Michigan, and has seen the hand of God successfully change the lives of those formerly living a destructive lifestyle. He is effective in this ministry, simply because of his passion and love for souls--and because if not for God, he knows he could very well have been in prison himself!

Because of his military background, Pastor has a great burden for our country's veterans.  He works with them as the Veteran's Affairs officer of our county, and serves them with compassion and sensitivity.  

Come hear him preach, and you'll see his passion and dedication to his calling!



Calvary Tabernacle of Winona Lake is NOT comprised of a group of

perfect, holy people! 

Loving, caring, sharing and giving people, yes....but NOT perfect Christians!

We are a family...and just like any family, we have a wide variety of personalities.  Some are bright and beautiful, sheltered and untouched by the darkness of this world. Others have come through many battles...and have the scars to show for it!   JESUS has made us family!  Even "pretty people" have "pasts"...and ALL of us are dealing with the PRESENT.   As a family, we

find strength in our relationships, and we've found 

Healing in our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Some of us are broken vessels--(cracked pots, if you will)--some even shattered beyond recognition!  There are the aged, and there are the very young--children, teens and sweet little babies!  There are families, there are singles, and EVERYONE is loved, welcomed, and accepted!  

Many of us have come from very different places...but we all have

ONE DESTINATION in mind!   We plan to make HEAVEN our eternal

home!  And we are determined to take as many with us as will go--and

as a "family", we intend to enjoy the journey!

We'd love for YOU and your family to be a part of ours!