Our church is growing and changing....and our ministries are growing and changing to accomodate the demographic of our congregation!  God allows the increase, and provides and prepares us to minister to our people, and those in our community.



Prayer is like breathing!  And no church body can function without it!  As a congregation, we have corporate prayer every Tuesday at 7 p.m.  We also have an active Prayer Chain that is "on call" 24/7!! 

We believe in the POWER OF PRAYER!  We believe that the "prayer of faith shall save the sick".  And we know that prayer brings salvation!



Calvary Tabernacle has an active group of Seniors who fellowship together on a monthly basis, who draw together in time of need, who pray together continually...and who are the "roots" of this body of believers.  We cherish our Seniors, we respect their position with reverence, and we honor them for paving the way of the church of today!

Sunday School


We are quite proud of our Sunday School!   Our teachers LOVE their students, and they REALLY CARE about each and every child and young adult in their class.  Our teachers pray for "their" kids, and have a burden for their souls.  Fun projects, attractively decorated classrooms...even the kids can sense how much they are cared for! 

World Missions/ Missions America
The first Sunday of the Month is our Missions service for Calvary Tabernacle. We actively support missionaries in 19 different countries including here in the Unioted Staes.  It is our endevor to spead the good news of Jesus Christ to all those who would hear His word. 
Music Ministry


Talent is just that...talent!  Anointed Worship is something else entirely different!  We have great talent...that operates with sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit!  Our musicians, praise team, our worship leaders and special singers...all PRAY TOGETHER!  You will feel the Presence of God when you join in and worship together with us!

Community Service


Serving God means serving our community...as the hands, feet, voice and ears of our Lord!   The congregation of Calvary Tabernacle has reached out to the Veterans, the nursing homes and homeless shelters in our community.  We have provided services to Combined Community Services, and we have provided care packages for our local Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, and EMS. 

"For God so loved, that He gave."   Our example to follow!